Empowering you with Knowledge.

Some of my closest relatives are Narcissists. This left me thinking their behaviour was normal which in turn left me drawn to men that exhibited Narcissistic characteristics thinking all close relationships were like that. This misunderstanding left me with my younger years being riddled with some incredibly unhappy times. Eventually I did a masters in Psychology and I realised everything I had been through and how to stop the toxicity in its tracks. 


Not all men are Narcissist but they were targeting me as I was a nice person that wanted love and they could sense that vulnerability. I was unknowingly sending off signals I would tolerate their behaviour and so I became prime supply for two long term partners, one of which I had a child with.   


I wish I knew then, what I know now! But then this site would never have been born! In 2020 I join up with colleagues that had experienced Toxic relationships, we all wanted to help other people, to educate them and leave every member feeling empowered and support by a community that understood.


Knowledge that would allow them to spot the red flags, ignore the gaslighting and be in different to the Smear campaign. We hope it supports you through the healing process and empowers you for your future. 

The Narcology Pride Team




Narcology Pride 

Empowering you

with knowledge. 

Join our PRIDE of survivors and quickly become equipped, confident and empowered to speak out about your injustice. Learn how to channel your energy into creating positive change in your life through the arts and discussion. 

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