Are you involved with a pathological Narcissist/Sociopath/Psychopath? A Manipulator?


I have considerable experience helping clients understand and deal with a pathological narcissist, sociopath, personality disordered character along with the after effects of narcissistic abuse. I have completed 100’s of hours of my own personal therapy to this extent.

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Therapy is effective and healing.  I will meet you where you are at in your recovery and we will work together to unscramble the trauma in your body, build your boundaries and get you back to your authentic self to attract better relationships and live a better life, never to be caught in “the narcissistic love script” again.  

I bring laughter and fun into the process, all with a goal toward

empowering my clients so they can come to depend on their own amazing selves.

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In 2019 I founded Narc.ology Pride to raise further awareness and support those stuck in the abuse loop. Every client has a story, its one I understand both as a child and as an adult.


These counselling sessions are a great opportunity for my clients to feel understood, believed and find direction in their lives again. The healing process is a gradual one that develops though many stages and ending in the client feeling free of any trauma bonds and ready to be the thriving version of themselves again. 


My whole life made sense in 2005 whilst studying psychology and reading about 'Narcissistic Personality Disorder'  I realised I had a family full of trauma and my upbringing was the result of generational toxicity, I subsequently went on to have two relationships with men that were mirroring my familiar upbringing and found it difficult even with a academic background in mental health to break away from the abuse loop:

  • Love Script (Abuse Cycle) – Idealisation (Love bombing) – Devalue (Subtle, insidious putdowns/blame) – Discard (Disappearing/emotional abuse)

  • Triangulation – bringing in the “ex” or a third party to cause confusion/comparison

  • Gaslighting – when you know you’ve read it “right”, but they try to convince you, you’ve read it “wrong”

  • Cognitive Dissonance – torn between believing what you want to believe and what you know is the truth

  • Trauma Bonding – attachment dilemma that occurs from narcissistic abuse – betrayal, neglect, lies, silent treatments

  • Enablers & Flying Monkeys – third party who acts on behalf of a narcissist usually for a deliberate abusive purpose

  • Stockholm Syndrome – emotional trauma bond of target/victim with the abuser, in order to survive their ordeal of living under threat

  • Smear Campaign – intentional, premeditated effort to discredit the reputation of a target/victim of the narcissist/sociopath

  • Hoovering – attempt by a Narcissist/Sociopath to “suck” their target/victim back into the relationship, named after the Hoover vacuum cleaner.

If you feel like you are in a relationship that constantly makes you feel confused, shocked and a feeling you are unsafe you have likely been subject to narcissistic abuse by someone with narcissistic personality disorder, a character disorder determined by the DSM-4 and DSM-5 (Diagnostic Statistical Manual, American Psychiatric Association) and your brain has likely been injured by the constant stress response perpetuated by the NPDs behaviours.

With each session I will guide you though the abuse and  add terminologies so that you can become more aware of what abuse is, leading you to trust your inner feelings and start to build stronger personal boundaries, you will begin to see these simple, classic, identifiable behaviours more clearly.  

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Narcissistic abuse is a real thing, often causing severe cognitive dissonance (internal conflict) for its targets.


I work exclusively with targets of Narcissistic Abuse.  I have fine tuned the recovery therapy process to move you through therapy as quickly as possible. You do NOT have to suffer anymore. Commit to healing yourself with a therapist who understands what you’ve experienced.

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