Welcome to Creative Pride!

Growing from the ashes of trauma through the arts 

There are days we can be in our suffering and be in our pain. There are days we can push against it, resist it, and despise it. But when the day comes where we can redefine it, this is the day we can begin to be free of it. Everyday, moment to moment, we are making choices. Choosing to stay in our suffering or to create a new moment, a new pathway and a new direction. We can transform our suffering through art, through music and through motion, through the art of cooking, engineering, photography and science. We can transform through writing and sharing our words, through the creative force of kindness and the great power of loving others.

Research shows that being creative can improve well-being by increasing positive emotions and decreasing negative emotions. It shows that creativity can reduce depression, stress and anxiety, and improve our ability to express difficult emotions such as grief and sadness. 

Our artists have channeled their creativity after being affected by Narcissistic, domestic, emotional or psychological abuse  

If you would like to be a featured artists please say hello with a link to your portfolio via our contact form