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Liz Twenge
Mar 10, 2022
I was framed and protecting my legal record was the most important thing i had to do. I was arrested and they lowered the charge 12 days later because the police reports didn't match and they have to match then her statement didn't match as well so the pride had a huge problem to deal with and they had to Lower the charge. I already had double time served so I was walking out the court house a free man either way. We announced ready for trial and at the second trial because she changed the date we were ready again and she didn't show up in fear of the cross examination and we won we beat the case against me and it can't be used against me anywhere for any reason. I was cheated out of my day in court because she didn't show up but I still won. We wanted to get her on the stand but it didn't happen. Now I have the records and the medical information that is enough proof to keep her from getting the kids from where they have lived for the last 8 years and my son is at his own place but my 12 year old daughter is with good relatives and they will take care of her and I don't know if my ex will show up ever but its been nice with out her in my life. The next thing I did was make sure that all of the crazy psych issues had not been properly addressed and she is still a danger to herself and others so I will fight her to keep my daughter where she is at but I am not worried about it because God saw that i didn't take revenge i let him move for me on my behalf and I was facing 5 to 20 years in prison for a crime that was never committed. I didn't know it had been dropped until I was in for 48 days so I worried about nothing and God ran interference for me and got the justice i needed to move on forward from there. I was brain washed into thinking that if anything happened to my wife i was told over and over for years that I would commit suicide like my dad and my grandpa but I didn't and I thought I would be unhappy and that was a lie i was really happy with no option of me going back to the drama. My lawyer moved me into his old office and it had computers and everything I could ever need and I made a recovery kind of slow i drank and went on a binge and then I talked myself out of doing that anymore I stopped that and shifted my focus on learning everything I could about narcissist and I started helping people in about a year in a half closer to 2 years is more accurate. And I have been helping people since and I will continue to be there for the people who are in the dumps i know what it is like. So that's my story thanks for asking this question.

Liz Twenge

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