Why Writing is Healing 

Stories to inspire a healing Journey. 

Writing expresses yourself. 

When you are recovering from emotional, narcissistic and psychological abuse, you may feel defined by your experience but not understood by the people around you. You are unable to express yourself creatively and truthfully because you are all-consumed by your experience. When you begin your recovery, expressing your thoughts and feelings by journaling is spiritually and mentally emancipating.

Writing is healing. 

It is not surprising to learn that so many professional writers are in recovery of trauma or addiction. Many of these successful writers turned to writing once they had defeated their pain and conquered their recovery. Writing offers people in recovery an outlet to unleash their creativity and to extinguish negative emotions in a healthy and controlled manner.

Writing is escapism.

When you are new to recovery, you may feel lost. Writing gives you the means to gather your bearings. Writing also gives you a voice and hence the feeling of control. When you are new to recovery, you may feel isolated and scared. Writing offers you a means of escaping these negative emotions that could otherwise threaten to derail your recovery.

Writing answers questions.

Writing allows you to answer deep and meaningful questions that require answering. It’s not difficult to see why many people see their writing as a form of therapy in its own right. Your writing will allow you to explore existential questions such as “who am I?” and “what place do I occupy in this universe?

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